How does the ELCA support multicultural ministries including those for Asian and Pacific Islander Americans?

Members of the ELCA believe that Christ’s church is not ours to control, nor is it our job to sort, divide, categorize or exclude. Our faith liberates us to embrace each person in their wholeness — questions, complexities, ethnicity, culture and all. The Ethnic Specific and Multicultural Ministries team assists the ELCA in becoming more culturally diverse and anti-racist by working with ELCA congregations, synods, communities, agencies and institutions. One of the ethnic specific and multicultural ministries the ELCA supports is Association of Asian and Pacific Islanders ELCA.

The Association of Asian and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) is an autonomous organization that exists for and is led by Asian Lutherans in the ELCA, and is recognized by the ELCA. All Asian and Asian descent Lutherans in ELCA congregations and ministries are considered members of the Association of Asians and Pacific Islanders–ELCA. Among other goals, the association gathers to express the Christian faith from an Asian and Pacific Islander perspective, encourage the special gifts brought by the Asian and Pacific Islander community, and facilitate the full participation of Asian and Pacific Islander members to strengthen the unity of Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the ELCA

Source: ELCA “Ethnic Specific and Multicultural Ministries”
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