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Free Reign

The Kingdom of God breaks through established patterns and expectations to bring freedom, hope, and healing, spreading the abundant life and grace of Jesus.

Life Together

Holy Week 2024

Defining Moments
Lent 2024

Each of us should experience the gift of the good life. To seek goodness and life for our neighbor and the world brings additional challenge. In this series we explore some iconic passages in Jesus’ ministry in which both he and his disciples must choose if they will accept the additional responsibility of living and serving for the sake of others. These are defining moments and turning points for Jesus, his disciples and ultimately for all of us.


Are you hopeful at the start of a new year? What if there were shifts in perspective, and actions you could take today, that would help you go beyond momentary, positive feelings to a life more deeply grounded in hope? We’ll explore the early ministry of Jesus and how he invited a community to gather and support a new vision that brought healing, transformation and renewed hope.

Christmas 2023

Advent 2023

Come Together

All of scripture points to a vision of a world renewed—of an all-encompassing peace that isn't just the absence of conflict but abundant life or "shalom" for all. This vision is rooted deeply in faith and encompasses our entire lives and wellbeing as we live in community with one another. It's a reality that begins now and extends into the life to come, as all of God's children from across the world and across time find love and belonging in God's presence.

Thanksgiving Eve

Community: A User's Guide

We all benefit from the community around us, both local and beyond. The character of that community isn’t a given but is something we contribute to whether we realize it or not. In the early days of the Christian movement, leaders like Paul wrote to churches in places like Rome and Philippi to provide guidance and encouragement so that their communities reflected the love, grace, generosity, selflessness, purpose, and support that Jesus taught and lived out. We’re invited to reflect on that same guidance as we seek to build and support healthy community on every level.



How is your yard? A perfect lawn can be beautiful, but achieving that usually requires various treatments, fertilizers, meticulous mowing and weeding. Many of Jesus’ parables related to agriculture and the natural world. In this three-week series, we talk about the nature of faith from the perspective of seeds, crops, weeds and invasive species. We’ll gain some perspective on the nature of life and how we manage our relationship with it all… lessons that can be applied beyond our yard to our relationships and the world around us.


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