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Epiphany 2023

Christmas 2022

Advent 2022

Live Well

Live Well 2023 is this year’s fall mission resource appeal emphasis. It’s a reminder that God’s own generous love and grace is a gift to each of us. In God’s love, we have abundant life. It’s a life that we can’t help but share.

With Heart

The stories and observations that Jesus shared highlighted the importance of living with heart.  He encourages us to be determined, to be vulnerable and to receive the spiritual freedom he offers us so that we can live with greater integrity and purpose.    

Picture Grace

Can you picture it? A moment of peace and beauty. Maybe a life shaped by grace is more possible than we think.

By Faith

What does it mean to embody a life of faith? What draws you to faith?

Proceed with Care

Do you ever feel like you just don't care? Jesus' teachings point us to a different way of living that is characterized by care and compassion above all. Join us as we explore how to proceed with care.

You Belong

Faith invites us to see that belonging is not based on any distinctions but on our freedom and identity in Christ.


We look to move above and beyond some of those things that hold us back from finding inspiration and purpose in our daily lives .

Holy Week 2022

Lent 2022

During the season of Lent, we take the time to reflect on our lives alongside words of faith, recalling God’s love and faithfulness toward us.

The Great Adventure

Are you seeking a different path to follow at the start of the new year? Learn about appreciating the joys of the journey, coping with the difficulties that arise, and how God supports us on our Great Adventure.

Christmas 2021

We celebrate Christmas with a family-friendly Christmas Eve afternoon service and a traditional Christmas Eve evening candlelight service.

Advent 2021

In Advent, we prepare for Christ's birth. We celebrate with music and the Word in our annual Lessons & Carols service. We also enjoy a humorous retelling of the Christmas story, led by our children and youth.

Confident & Generous

Faith guides us to not worry, but be generous, and in our generosity we will experience the joy of building something better together.


How do communities and societies thrive? They’re built on many smaller commitments, investments and interactions. Christian faith speaks to the practices and perspectives needed to build and sustain life together. 

I'm In

We look beyond the stereotypes and assumptions to embrace the real Jesus so that we, as a community, can support and encourage one another through the privilege of serving. 


God cares for us and gives us strength and encouragement, as can be seen in Paul's letters to the Ephesians and James. 


Our journey in faith is like going for a walk. Sometimes we are just starting out and need support, sometimes we need to slow down and look for opportunities, and sometimes we need to remember where we are headed. But most of all we remember the care that God offers us, no matter where we are along the journey.


Summer is a time of recreation, and it reminds us to engage in re-creating. Each of us needs God's creative power to stir within us and renew inspiration.