Wellness Assessment

This questionnaire will help you assess which wellness areas may be strengths for you and which areas you may consider strengthening. The All Saints Spiritual Formation Team compiled information from online wellness sites and research studies on behaviors, beliefs, and values in each of the wellness dimensions to create this assessment.

This assessment is completely confidential. No information is saved. Be sure to write down or print your results, as they will be lost when you close or leave this page.

This assessment tool is not meant to produce information that one should use as a judgement of oneself but as a means to inform and guide in your exploration of the Wellness Wheel resources.

1. I can name my own personal values, describe my beliefs about life, and generally feel at ease with my spiritual life.

2. I make conscious choices about my daily actions based on my personal values.

3. I use prayer, meditation, and/or quiet personal reflection regularly in my life.

4. I try to learn about others' beliefs and values, especially those that differ from my own.

5. I have a strong sense of optimism and faith in the future.

6. I am consistently striving to grow spiritually and I see it as a lifelong process.

7. When I experience positive or negative emotions, I can appropriately express how I feel.

8. I recognize when I am stressed and take steps to manage my stress (e.g., exercise, quiet time, meditation).

9. To cope with challenges in life, I focus on the most positive aspects of the event or situation (e.g., what I can learn from the event or situation, or what positive consequences may result).

10. I seek help from others when I am experiencing difficulties.

11. I am able to maintain a balance of work, family, friends, and other obligations.

12. I am flexible and adapt or adjust to change in a positive way.

13. I am curious and interested in the communities, as well as the world, around me.

14. I search for learning opportunities and stimulating mental activities.

15. I manage my time well, rather than it managing me.

16. I enjoy learning and sharing knowledge with others.

17. I enjoy learning about subjects other than my current or previous field of work.

18. I can critically consider the opinions and information presented by others and provide or accept constructive feedback.

19. I have developed a financial plan for my future and have a balance between spending for the present and saving for the future.

20. My beliefs/values surrounding money are in harmony with my behaviors.

21. I have enough money to manage my living needs.

22. I get personal satisfaction and enrichment from my work or volunteer activities.

23. I have a balance between work and other areas of my life.

24. I feel content with what I have.

25. I have loving, supportive relationships (friends, family) in my life.

26. I use my strengths to help others.

27. I have a strong sense of belonging in the community in which I live.

28. I practice environmentally conscious behaviors (recycling, conserving energy, living in harmony with nature, using resources responsibly).

29. I communicate effectively with others, share my views, and listen to those of others.

30. I am open to relating respectfully and honestly with people from different backgrounds.

31. I participate in physical activity that includes building strength, flexibility, and endurance appropriate to my body's abilities.

32. I eat a healthy diet including fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains every day.

33. I get an adequate amount of sleep (7-9 hours/night).

34. I avoid tobacco, harmful drugs, and the excessive use of alcohol.

35. I apply safety practices known to maintain health and prevent illness and injury such as good handwashing and wearing of face coverings, use of seatbelts, responsible choices on sexual health, and self-exams.

36. I keep up with my annual physical, dental checkups, and immunizations.