Mission Resource Appeal

I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.  – John 10:10
Seek the welfare (shalom) of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.  – Jeremiah 29:7
Share your reason for giving here.
Have you ever paused to consider what motivates you to give? No doubt it’s connected to what you value, including your faith, loved ones and causes close to your heart. Your giving may flow from a sense of gratitude and belief in serving a larger purpose. Come Together 2024 is this year’s mission resource appeal. We celebrate God’s abundant grace and the gift of this faith community, and invite each other to come together so that we can be one people, extending this gift to our neighbors.

You may remember the words of Jeremiah above, which are an encouragement and call to action—to faithfully and generously care for our community in a way that brings abundant life for our neighbors and ultimately ourselves. That welfare (the Hebrew word shalom) paints a picture of an all-encompassing peace and wellbeing that comes as a gift through a life of faith. This vision hasn’t changed. It is so important that we invite you to watch the following short video on the meaning of Shalom.
Will you join with us and build a faithful vision of wellbeing within our own lives, our congregation, and in our community?

You are an important and integral part of this community. In the coming weeks, we will further reflect on how we can accomplish this together, what All Saints has accomplished in the last year, and some of our plans to continue building this vision of wellbeing for all in the coming year.
You can still share your plan for giving in 2024. Whether you are a long-time member or newer participant at All Saints, pray and consider a response that will bring you joy and excitement for the year ahead. Even if you have not completed an intent card before, we ask you to do so this year so that we can prepare for the coming year thoughtfully together. Your response can be changed if your situation changes.

Complete the card digitally.

Thank you for taking time to reflect and pray about how you can respond with joy to God’s work among us!



All Saints generously gives away 10% of what we receive from you. Half of that goes to support the ministry of the ELCA. The other half goes to support local partners that transform our neighbors’ lives such as ICA Food Shelf, Mental Health Connect and Urban Ventures.


We continue to invest in successful neighborhood events like Trunk or Treat, Easter Eggstravaganza and Fall Fest. We gathered for monthly playdates in the redesigned Loaves area, hosted two all-church intergenerational potlucks recently, and in mid-November we are hosting Kathy Flaminio from MoveMindfully who will lead an intergenerational, interactive workshop that teaches practices that improve overall wellbeing for all ages.


All Saints is leading the way in integrating faith and this vision for holistic wellbeing. We’ve offered experiences, tools and messages to assist people in deepening their faith and integrating that throughout their lives.
52 Wellness Wednesday posts written by our dedicated Spiritual Formation Team members
8 speakers on Environmental Wellness this past spring
6 weeks of a study supporting us as we navigate Civic Life and Faith
6 sermons on St. Paul’s letters, with guidance for living in community
3 speakers on Building Mental Wellness Together, including 2 still yet to come!
2 MN State Commissioners, most recently Jodi Harpstead from the MN Department of Human Services



We are in the process of filling an open, half-time position for a pastor or deacon to invest in our ministry. The council has reaffirmed this need, even as we know your increased, regular giving is critical to sustain this long-term.


With new and increasing gifts we can:
  • Invest in new HVAC solutions which will reduce our carbon footprint and save money.
  • Upgrade the fellowship hall flooring and tables for improved hospitality
  • Create a fenced area for our dumpster to clean up and highlight our outdoor peace garden


We continue to feature noteworthy speakers and events like the pet blessing this fall, while adapting ongoing ministry to engage our congregation and community. We are also busy using conventional and digital methods to invite your neighbors so we can all come together to experience abundant life in faith and make an impact in our community.



You can support our ministry by attending worship at least twice a month. Your regular presence helps build the energy we experience within relationships and community.

In addition, consider finding at least one way to engage in community more deeply—participating in a ministry, group, special event, or simply staying after worship to connect with others. You’re also encouraged to help serve in a role on Sundays, for special events, on a team, or with one of our local partners.


Your generous financial investment is also key to our ongoing mission. Your support will allow us to staff for the future, upgrade our facility, and continue to reach out to our community. By sharing a portion of our financial blessings for our neighbors and a greater good, and experiencing peace and joy in doing so, we further develop a positive and healthy relationship with our finances.

With your financial support, we will seek the wellbeing of our community, our ministry and ourselves.