Raise Your Game - Kids Connection for May

Whether you are a kid watching the Mario movie for the first time or an adult that grew up on the Super Mario Bros video games, you know that Mario gets a lot of help from his friends or power-ups to defeat Bowser. Though our life struggles are not the same as Mario’s, we get help with our struggles too.

This month at Kids Connection we will learn that we can always count on God to be there with us through our struggles and that he gave us our own kind of power-up. While it is not a magic mushroom that makes you taller, or allows you to fly or shoot fire, it is a different kind of power-up that can give us confidence each and every day. This power-up is the Holy Spirit.

Join us all May long to find out more about the Holy Spirit and how we can use it to gain confidence. The last day of Kids Connection for the 2022-2023 school year is May 21.

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