What is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month?

May marks Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, which celebrates the histories of Americans hailing from across the Asian continent and from the Pacific islands of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia.
In 1978, Rep. Frank Horton, with cosponsor Rep. Norman Mineta, introduced the resolution that passed and was signed into law by President Jimmy Carter.  The resolution "authorized and requested" the president to proclaim the 7-day period beginning May 4, 1979 as Asian Pacific American Heritage Week. It also called on Americans, and especially educators, to observe the week with "appropriate ceremonies and activities."  Congress later passed legislation to extend the observance to a month in 1990. Two years later, Congress passed another public law to annually designate May as Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.
All Saints will recognize this important heritage month by sharing news about the ELCA activities in support of Asian and Pacific Islanders and by recognizing Asia Pacific Americans who have contributed to the Lutheran church in meaningful ways over the years in our weekly E-News during the month of May 2023.

Source: NPR “The story behind Asian Pacific American Heritage and why it’s celebrated in May”
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