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I’m pleased to share a new addition to our All Saints staff! Deacon Lydia Svenulski will be starting in mid-May as our new Minister of Engagement. She has five years of experience as a rostered and ordained Minister of Word and Service (Deacon) in the ELCA, and previously served at Word of Peace Lutheran Church in Rogers and St. Barnabas Lutheran Church in Plymouth.
Deacon Lydia recently completed the additional education and approval process to be ordained as a pastor (Minister of Word and Sacrament) as well, and continues to embrace both the deacon and pastor role. Because she is currently ordained and rostered as a deacon, she will be serving us in that capacity while also filling most of the roles a pastor would, such as preaching, helping to lead worship, presiding at funerals and sharing in visitation (as needed) and providing overall leadership for the congregation. The majority of her responsibilities will be focused on: overseeing our spiritual formation process related to wellness; reaching new individuals and families; helping in the creation of digital content related especially to spiritual formation and wellness; as well as providing in-person experiences to engage our community through retreats, groups and other activities.
She has demonstrated success in building and growing group ministry and volunteer engagement, as well as working with digital media. She has a vision for bringing the online and in-person community together in this new era we’re living in. She is relational in approach and is drawn to spiritual formation, spiritual practices, and has a passion for retreat ministry. The church council voted to hire her for this new 3-year, half-time contract position, which is eligible to be extended or converted to a called position in the future if mutually-agreed upon.
Deacon Lydia shares,
“I am excited to start this new adventure in ministry and to see what God inspires in the midst of All Saints and the community. I look forward to meeting you all and being a part of your journeys. When not working, I enjoy reading, going for walks, knitting, and spending time with family and friends, especially my four-month-old daughter Freya. As I experience everything for the first time through my daughter’s eyes, I am reminded each day of just how much there is to learn and experience whether young or old. I hope this perspective will add to the creativity and inspiration I hope to bring to this new role at All Saints.”
Her first Sunday will be May 14 on Mother’s Day. We’ll be honoring mothers and all women who have impacted our lives that day, so feel free to come with family and friends and join us as she shares her first sermon with us. We will have a reception following worship.
Please join me in welcoming Deacon Lydia in the coming weeks!
Pastor Jon
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