A Rejoicing Building

How do you rejoice? I often think of rejoicing as a musical activity, done by singers or instrumentalists. Maybe by an orator giving a passionate speech. But maybe none of those are what you are skilled at. Is there another way to rejoice?

On a trip to France, I had the opportunity to visit Sainte Chapelle. This gothic cathedral is located on the grounds of the Palais de Justice de Paris. This huge complex of judicial and government buildings covers several blocks on the Ile de Cite, the same island in the middle of the Seine as Notre Dame.

To enter, you enter through grand gates, and then must go through strict security checks. You head through a series of utilitarian hallways and out into an paved courtyard. The tall, thin building dominates the courtyard. Heading inside, you come to a lavish space, with low blue ceilings cut through with gold arches. This is the lower chapel, for those who are not royalty.

You must head back through the hallways to the upper chapel. Upon entering, you are surrounded by the sparkle of thousands of pieces of stained glass. The room seems to glow with color and light. You can feel the structure itself rejoicing.
We can rejoice in everything that we do. It is not something solely for worship, celebrations, or special occasions. In all of our daily actions, big or small, we can share the gifts that God has given us with a rejoicing spirit.
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