Arise, Shine, for Your Light has Come

Sometimes, it can be difficult to shine.

In the darkest times, we may know, in a detached and intellectual way, that Jesus has filled us with great light and that we should let that light go forth into the world. But emotionally, in our souls, we are tired and overwhelmed. To bring out our light seems like a difficult task. The darkness is not good, but the darkness is easy.

Darkness can refer to different things for different people at different points in their lives. Maybe it is a medical condition, a financial situation, a broken relationship, or societal pressure. Each of us has difficulties we face, and to compare them to see who has it the worst is not helpful to anyone. We should instead work on helping one another.

You can, of course, look within. Sometimes, with some self-reflection, you can come to recognize the light that burns within you and how you can share the light with others. By focusing on what you can do to change the future, rather than dwelling on the past, you allow yourself to let your light start to shine again.

We cannot always find our light on our own, though. Sometimes we need to seek and accept help from others. Perhaps it is close family, a good friend, or maybe even a licensed therapist. God has filled us with a great light through Jesus and you are needed to share that light with the world.

And so, if you need some encouragement today, listen to this song: Arise, Shine (from What Child is This?). Listen to the words and know that they are true. God will help you rise from the toughest, darkest spots and fill you with his holy light. This is the promise fulfilled by the birth of Jesus.
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