Doesn't Need To Be Said

How do you keep your family recipes? We have a collection of yellowed and butter-stained 3x5 cards. One of the cards is for peppernut cookies, named after the two key ingredients: white pepper and crushed walnuts. But if you look at the recipe card, the walnuts aren’t listed. How could the person making the recipe forget the walnuts? It’s in the name!

There’s a joke about an elderly Ole and Lena, who go out to dinner for their anniversary. At a nearby table is a newly-wed couple who spends the entire evening saying how much they love the other.

Lena ponders it during dinner and for the whole drive home. When they get back, she asks Ole, “Why don’t you say that you love you?”

Ole, who is sat in his favorite chair, raises an eyebrow. “I told you that I loved you when we got married. If anything changes, I’ll let you know!”

We can take our relationships with one another for granted. We often feel like there is no need to say a kind and loving word to a family member or friend, because they know how we feel. Because it can feel awkward and uncomfortable sharing your feelings. Because it doesn’t really need to be said.

Or does it?

Think about the last time you were having a difficult time, and the words of a friend lifted your spirit. You can be that uplifting presence for someone today.

You could share a “thank you” for a meal. You could remind them of your love before they head off to work or school. You could acknowledge how they’ve helped with work around the house.

Take a moment to share a word of love or thankfulness with those around you, even if you think it doesn’t need to be said.
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