A Christmas Prayer (Susan Ault)

[This poem is from To Open Your Mind (2006), a collection of writings by adult learners in Minnesota published by the Minnesota Literacy Council and was provided by Susan Ault.]

A Christmas Prayer, Block #174

Every day is the same, just like the others,
Missin’ my family, especially my mother.
She and my brother did show up at the last court date,
But wrongly informed ‘bout the room, and it was already too late.
Judge told me and “G”  to come back in a week.
Now, no phone card, so there is no way we can speak.
I am directin’ this to the Man upstairs,
Hoping he is listening to this one special prayer.
“Please allow a miracle,” to let my mother know
This Friday I have Court.  Please allow her to show.
It would mean so much to me.  This is my Christmas Wish
To be blessed by You, under the mistletoe; to receive this angel’s kiss.
I would be filled with bliss, like a boy on Christmas Day.
I just want to see my mom, so I know everything will be okay.
She has raised me alone; no father from the start.
I may be an adult, but it’s hard handling us being split apart.
My heart would be broken, and my life would become gray
If anyone in my family were to, forever, drift away.
I love my family, like God loves his kids.
I want to apologize for everything I’ve done; already did.
Please God, look over my family and look over my friends.
I pray to You, in Your name.  Amen.

By Unick, of Foley, MN
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